Optimizing the written word.

As the saying goes: four eyes see more than two. “Professional blinkers” can result in a lack of reader guidance, inadequate messaging, or grammatical and spelling errors. Also, texts may not be relevant or – just as frustrating – overly confusing and complex for the reader. In such cases, the reader is likely to stop reading before having reached the closing sentence. Here, a critical review from an outsider can help.

In addition to the editing of existing texts, Böhni Communications offers editorial assistance. We support you in the adaptation and refinement of content for different communication channels and take on individual and recurring editorial work – from the creation of an editorial calendar through to the development of text and visual content, adapting it to a common style and preparing it for final print approval.

Böhni Communications offers you

  • professional proofreading of your texts;
  • enhancement and adaptation of existing text and content elements;
  • in-depth review of your text for content, structure, style, and audience;
  • adaptation of existing content for different communication channels (for example, the adaptation of a blog article with interactive content elements into an article for a printed journal);
  • individual or recurring editorial work for your printed or online publications – magazines, newsletters, or social posts.

Previous works in this field

Bisherige Arbeit

Federal Youth Surveys ch-x, Sursee

Basil Böhni is the editor of the Federal Youth Surveys ch-x. He is responsible for their publications and internal and external online and offline communications and is the spokesman for ch-x. The ch-x is legally and financially integrated into the DDPS.

Bisherige Arbeit

JUNG.Atelier, Walchwil

Content support and digital content as part of the publication Das Laboratorium des Fortschritts. Die Schweiz im 19. Jahrhundert, published by NZZ Libro, Zurich 2019. Find details on the publication (in German only) by clicking on the company logo above. JUNG. Atelier für Wirtschaft, Kultur, Geschichte.