Creating layouts

Designing words.

After hours or even days of writing, a text can gain substantially in appeal and structure with the right layout – if possible, also working with visual elements. Layout and color – whether discreet or bold – imbue a text with emotion and can invoke a certain emotional reaction in the reader.

Böhni Communications can create the right layout for your print products and manage – on request – the complete process up to generating the final data for the printing press. In doing so, we take into account corporate identity requirements, if desired and available. Our previous layout work includes advertisements for magazines, visual content for websites and social media channels, flyers, magazines, business cards, and books. Upon request or when needed, Böhni Communications can collaborate with partners.

Böhni Communications offers you

  • the creation of a professional layout for your print products – including flyers, business cards, brochures, magazines, and books;
  • the creation of visuals, videos, and GIFs for your social media channels;
  • preparation of the final data for the printing press and for interactive use in PDF, jpg, png, and other file formats;
  • coordination and support throughout the printing process up to the delivery of the freshly printed products – with our own partners or in collaboration with your chosen partners.

Previous works in this field

Bisherige Arbeit

AKV Alemannia, Fribourg

Layout of the commemorative publication Die Geschichte der akademischen Verbindung Alemannia – Ergänzung 1995–2020. 188 pages, published in November 2021. Click on the above company logo for an illustrated overview.

Bisherige Arbeit

AV Semper Fidelis, Lucerne

Creating layout of the commemorative publication 175 Jahre AV Semper Fidelis. 356 pages, published in December 2018. Click on the above company logo to see excerpts from the commemorative publication (in German).