10. April 2022

New mandate: Swiss Institute of International Studies


Web Content // print products

Our work for the Swiss Institute of International Studies includes supporting the office regarding marketing and communication projects as well as administrative activities. We prepare print data for invitations and leaflets, manage their LinkedIn channel and update the content of the siaf.ch website. In addition, we provide support regarding the various publications – published as print products by NZZ Libro as well as digitally in the form of newsletters, sent out by the SIAF itself.

About the Swiss Institute for International Research

The Swiss Institute of International Studies (founded in 1943 at the suggestion of the Federal Council) is based in Zürich and is a politically and economically independent centre of expertise for knowledge transfer and background. It interacts with the outside world by means of public events, in particular lectures, and deals with current topics in the fields of politics, economy, society, science and culture, choosing highly qualified and internationally esteemed speakers for this.

Around 12 public events are hosted each year. The autumn semester always comprises one chosen general theme, while in the spring semester, speakers cover various current topics. In addition, the institute publishes an annual containing the most important contributions from the year’s programs. The annual is sent to all members of the institute free of charge.

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