1. January 2021

New mandate: Communication for ChiroTraining


Web content // external communication

Since January 1, 2021, we’re able to support the ChiroTraining AG in terms of their external communication. In this role, we update web content, set up IT infrastructure such as mailboxes, and provide advice and support regarding customer communication.

About the ChiroTraining AG

ChiroTraining opened its doors in 1996. It is located on the Bruchstrasse in Lucerne and offers its customers on two floors an extensive equipment park for medical strengthening therapy and preventive strength training.

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Basil Böhni

In the summer of 2018, Basil Böhni (* 1985) founded Böhni Communications Ltd liab. co. He graduated with a Major in Media Science from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zurich. During his career, Basil Böhni has worked for a range of organizations gaining extensive experience in communications, digital marketing, cultural administration, event management, and journalism.