1. February 2021

Member of the Executive Board ch-x


Editorial work // internal/external communication

Since 1st January 2020, our Managing Director Basil Böhni has been acting as editor for the Swiss Federal Youth Surveys ch-x. As of 1st February 2021, he joins the five-member executive board.

As an editor, Basil Böhni oversees the recurring publications, is responsible for internal and external online and offline communication, and acts as spokesperson for ch-x.

On the Swiss Federal Youth Surveys ch-x

The Swiss Federal Youth Surveys ch-x interview the men who are required for military duty (approximately 30,000 per year; aged 19) and around 8,000 19-year-old Swiss women on a defined topic in two-year cycles. Depending on the topic and project, the survey will also be extended to women and men of other nationalities. Anonymity is guaranteed.

ch-x is legally and financially integrated into the DDPS.

For more information about ch-x, visit their website.

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Basil Böhni

In the summer of 2018, Basil Böhni (* 1985) founded Böhni Communications Ltd liab. co. He graduated with a Major in Media Science from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zurich. During his career, Basil Böhni has worked for a range of organizations gaining extensive experience in communications, digital marketing, cultural administration, event management, and journalism.