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11 September 2020

Comprehensive copyright for photos and visuals

Swiss copyright act // image copyright

The new Swiss Copyright Act has been in effect since 1 April 2020. What does this mean for the handling of photos found or used on the Internet?

8 August 2020

John Williams and “Star Wars” – a phenomenon

Film music // Cinema Musica

Between 1976 and 2019, John Williams wrote the music for nine “Star Wars” films – 25 hours of film music. A legacy that’s second to none.

28 June 2020

A Playlist with Music by James Horner

Film music / FilmMusicJournal

A personal foray into selected works composed by James Horner (1953–2015).

17 June 2020

Goal: To gain sovereignty of interpretation

Crisis communication

The media can act as “fire accelerators” and “fire extinguishers”. Which side reveals itself more strongly or at what time can be influenced by the respective communication of companies or authorities.

20 May 2020

To be a part of the solution – CEOs in conversation

Swiss financial markets // economic crisis // Corona

The Swiss financial markets during the Corona crisis. In conversation with Basil Heeb, CEO of Basler Kantonalbank (BKB), and Philipp Rickenbacher, CEO of Julius Baer Group AG.

3 May 2020

Don’t keep silent about crises

Crisis communications

In times of crisis, one should not remain silent. But crisis communication is exhausting and must always take place in a demanding environment. Internal communication is essential. When it comes to external communication, a distinction should be made between public relations and marketing.

8 January 2020

New mandate: editor ch-x

Editorial work // internal/external communications

Since 1 January, 2020, Basil Böhni is the editor of ch-x.

22 September 2019

Orchestra in sync with the movie

Film music // FRAME // KKL Lucerne

Film music found it’s way to the concert stage. This article published in the magazine “Frame” 09/2019, offers insghts into the work of conductor Kevin Griffiths.