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Böhni Communications offers a full range of communication services and can assist you every step of the way, from the concept phase to communicating with your target audience – whether it be in print, post, blog, or audio format. We are happy to take on projects that require multiple areas of communication expertise or provide support with specific issues related to the following competencies.

We will gladly provide our services at your premises – if preferred and possible. Upon request, or if necessary, we will collaborate with partners.


Vocalizing words.


Using words purposefully.


Optimizing the written word.

Creating layouts

Designing words.


Communicating words.

Current blog posts

07. Juli 2022

Insights into an extensive underground economy

Book Review // Cybercrime

Review of the book «Underground Economy. How cybercriminals threaten the economy and states», published in May 2022.

10. April 2022

New mandate: Swiss Institute of International Studies

Web Content // print products

Since 7 January 2022, we have been supporting the Swiss Institute of International Studies regarding external communication needs.

27. Januar 2022

«Geschichte der AKV Alemannia» – layout and print

Layout // external communication

We designed the latest publication of the AKV Alemannia and accompanied the production process up to the printed book. An overview.